Meet Your Team of Experts

Carol Verity Mann
Carol Verity MannWebsite & Digital Consultant
With a degree in Visual Communications and working with computers since 1986, Carol helps small business owners grow their businesses on the Internet.
Carol’s Website
Zoe King
Zoe KingVirtual Assistant
Zoe is a expert at putting everything in place that will underpin your business online. From accounting to managing a diary. She is keen to show you how!
Zoe’s Website
Susan Barrett
Susan BarrettMicrosoft Trainer
Susan has been an IT trainer for over 20 years and helps companies to ensure their employees are using their Microsoft software efficiently.
Susan’s Website
Helen Say
Helen SayMarketing Copywriter & SEO Advisor
I’ll make Google sit up and take notice of your business. I’ll show you how to optimise your online channels and bring you new and repeat customers.
Helen’s Website
Sally Farrant
Sally FarrantFreelance Accountant and Xero Expert
Sally can help to get your finances in order, understand your profit and keep control of your cash, along with controls to run your business more effectively.
Sally’s Website
Susan Kabani
Susan KabaniDigital Engagement Strategy
With a background in intellectual property law, Susan Kabani launched Ugenie, a private membership hub for businesses. Susan helps grow an audience or better engage their current clients.
Susan’s Ugenie FB Page
Charlie Whyman
Charlie WhymanBusiness Development Strategist
Channeling experience and expertise into training and coaching business owners and founders and helping them grow their businesses.
Charlie’s Website
Cheryl Luzet
Cheryl LuzetSEO, Digital Marketing; maximising your business online
Cheryl helps companies to get their websites working and generating leads, from engaging content to boost their ranking of Google.
Cheryl’s Website
Ambuja Bose
Ambuja BoseWOW! Legal Advice Expert
As a solicitor with over 10 years’ experience, Ambuja provides practical and commercial legal advice to business owners, directors and shareholders in all stages of a business’ life-cycle
Ambuja’s Website
Rosalie Audoin
Rosalie AudoinFlat Out Social Media
Rosalie works with businesses to set up digital marketing strategies that support growth. She will help you focus on the people you want to reach and serve.
Rosalie’s Website
Karen Young
Karen Young
Ethos was born 3 years ago as a result of frustration at the PPC (Pay Per Click) industry. We help you get more leads and sales using Google Ads. We only do Google Ads. We’re proactive, not reactive.

Karen’s Website
Wendy Griffith
Wendy GriffithNetwork Marketing Professional
Wendy is a mentor and network marketing professional. She will be helping understand how to use digital to grow your business online.
Wendy’s Website
Vernette John-Joiles
Vernette John-JoilesWordpress Design and Build - Divi and more
With an engineering and ‘techie’ background, Vernette has developed services in web design/development and online branding to help businesses.
Vernette’s Website
Marian Murphy
Marian MurphySocial Media Trainer & Consultant
I am Hertfordshire’s leading social media expert, and it’s my job to empower businesses to use social media to their maximum advantage!
Marian’s Website
Eleanor Barber
Eleanor BarberProject & Productivity Management
After 15 years working from nanotechnology to satellites in space, Eleanor can help improve your workstyle through effective project and productivity management
Eleanor’s Website
Michelle D Harris
Michelle D HarrisSocial Media and Community Manager
With 10 years experience in Social Media Management and Community Management – Michelle loves nothing better than to help you increase brand awareness and engagement for your business or brand.
Michelle’s Website
Lisa Penn
Lisa PennWebsites and Digital Media
Lisa has a passion for design and all things digital. Moving away from the
corporate world, PennInk Productions was born 2003 and Lisa hasn’t looked
Lisa’s Website
Therese Eriksson
Therese ErikssonSocial Media Management
Therese has a huge passion for the earth and health. She is an avid blogger and loves producing videos and helping with social media management
Therese’s Website
Lydia Berman
Lydia BermanBranding, design, creative coaching and training
After nearly 20 years working inhouse for well-known brands, Lydia now helps small businesses create and evolve their brands, products and services.
Lydia’s Website
Nazia Sarkar
Nazia SarkarTechnology & People Development
Nazia is all about developing people and teams. She believes in empowering people with the skills and tools to make them successful both personally and in business.
Nazia’s Website
Frances Bentley
Frances BentleyNetworking and Events Expert
Frances has been planning and launching events for many years. More recently she has created and runs Business Networking North London.
Frances’s Website
Tiffany Charters
Tiffany ChartersRunning a Family & a Business Coach
If you love the idea of starting your own business but don’t have a clue where to start, you are not alone. This is where Tiffany steps in and helps.
Tiffany’s Website
Meredith Eisenberg
Meredith EisenbergDigital Marketing & Automation
A marketing & tech nerd in the online world for over 10 years. I am an author & coach to 40+ people looking to start or improve an online business.
Meredith’s Website
Janet Efere
Janet EfereSales & LinkedIn Training
An award-winning sales trainer with a total passion for helping businesses understand & improve their sales skills expecially on LinkedIn.
Janet’s Website
Vicky Etherington
Vicky EtheringtonWebsite Design, Build and Consultancy
Vicky launched her online marketing agency in 2003 and now trains entrepreneurs how to overcome tech frustrations and create their own client attracting websites with confidence.

Vicky’s Website
Jilly Clark
Jilly ClarkDesign & Branding Consultant
Creating BRIGHT IDEAS for digital and print for entrepreneurs who are in the dark about branding their business.
Jilly’s Website

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Women On the Web  … looking for contributors!

We are always looking for experts who are professional in their field and are generous and passionate about sharing their knowledge and what they have learned since they began their own digital journey. If you would like to become a contributor then we would love to hear from you. Please email us – [email protected]

Behind the scenes…

Early Adoption

Most of the contributors here will have been early adopters and their skills have been acquired pretty much on the hoof!

There was a time when  there wasn’t a text book in sight to cover what we were  all keen and eager to know; let alone a website to show us the way!

So we do know what it’s like to stare at the screen and be completely daunted by what might be out there and how to use it to our advantage.

It’s Getting Easier

The good news is that the tools are actually getting easier!

The bad news is that making the choice of which one to use is becoming even more of a challenge.

But all these lovely people out there who are creating the tools for us are working tirelessly to make it all easier and cheaper – because they know we now have a choice!

The trick is finding out what is best and how to link it all together in the best way for each individual business owner and industry… so this is just one of the things we hope to de-mystify and help you with.

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