More Digital Challenges Facing Small Businesses – Part Two

More Digital Challenges Facing Small Businesses – Part Two

More Digital Challenges Facing Small Businesses – Welcome to Part 2 of our blog

In Part One we looked at the importance of having a well thought out and designed website to represent your business on-line, and the importance of doing your keyword research.

So, now you have your amazing new website, and you are very proud of it, we now have to look at how we are going to get your site in front of the people that matter, your target audience.

Promoting Your Website

There are numerous ways you can promote your website, by adding content yourself regularly like a blog or new information or products. You can also pay the likes of Google to “advertise” your site in their rankings.

This is where you see the little “Ad” sign at the beginning of your search results, this can be a seedy, and probably quite expensive way of getting your site on the first page of the search engine results.

Also, this technique sometimes has a negative effect. Research shows that some people prefer to contact a company that is not “Advertising” on the search engines but instead is ranking highly due to their efforts in proving to Google, and the like, that they are the best company to help you.

This is called ranking “organically” and is very often much less expensive but can take longer to achieve top results.

More Digital Challenes – Going Organic

Getting up the search engine rankings “organically” is seen to be a far better approach in the longer term and often yields better results.

So, how do we rank “organically? One of the most effective and best-known ways is to optimise your site and on-going activity to optimise your chances of getting to the number one spot on Google – SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO, what is it?

To put it simply, SEO is the term used for a variety of techniques aimed at telling Google and the other search engines that your website is worthy of a high ranking on their pages… for a user’s SPECIFIC search terms.

For example, if your business was a Tattoo Parlour in Lincoln, then, whenever someone searched for a “Tattoo parlour in Lincoln” you would want to appear pretty high up on Googles pages so that the user would see your business first, makes sense, doesn’t it?

But what if there were dozens, or even hundreds, of Tattoo Parlours in Lincoln? How would Google know which ones to put at the top of page one?

Well, they would use a series of algorithms and techniques to determine who is worthy of getting the top slots.

This is called SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, optimising your website to appeal to the search engines.

SEO Is Technical

The techniques we can employ to do effective SEO range from very technical things like link building and content optimisation, to more marketing led tasks like blog posting and social media activity.

These days the search engines are much more interested in social media activity and engagement than they used to be. We now need to adopt a “pincer” approach to our SEO… we need the technical things to be done to attract the “robots” who trawl the internet for sites like ours. We also need the social media aspect to attract the people who we want to reach.

The likes of Google now monitor both, so “SocialSEO” is now key!

If you have any questions at al regarding SEO and how it could help to promote your business, please do give us a call on 020 3730 1785.

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As founder of WOW, Carol is adamant that women should not let a lack of digital knowledge stand in their way of doing business.

30 years+… running business sales, marketing and processes on computers.

20 years+… establishing effective communications online and building websites.

10 years+… helping others do all of the above!

Now developing online a Personal Mentor programme and products to help women in business get to grips with doing business in the digital world and overcome any fears and confusion.

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What you do and don’t want…

You don’t want the headache of worrying about all that digital stuff so you can get on with running your business.

You want optimised and efficient delivery and management of your website and related digital services. You don’t want to add the complexity of managing the whole project.

You want people with experience working on tasks, without having to manage all those people.

Which is why small businesses use our Web Services.

You want to understand it, be involved in the process but not have to do it.

You don’t want to have to worry about what you don’t really understand.

We keep it simple, keep it clear and keep it going!

Which is what it’s all about, at the end of the day!

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